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Human service workers are frequently portrayed in movies and TV shows. This paper presents the opportunity to critique a character’s ethical (or not-so-ethical) behavior. You are to write a paper (4 pages) applying ethical principles reviewed in class to your choice of a human service worker portrayed in a movie, TV show, or book. This assignment requires you to thoroughly evaluate a human service worker’s behavior – consider those moments the character faces difficult decisions, and discuss potential consequences of those decisions. Do any of the character’s behaviors exhibit sound ethical decisions? What behaviors are not ethical, and what would they need to do differently to behave in an ethical manner? (Examples of movies/shows that you know or chose on of the one below )

Good Will Hunting — Nobody’s Child — Sybil

Antwone Fisher — Girl, Interrupted — Prime

Analyze This — What About Bob? —

Shutter Island — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

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