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I have already 6 sources, I need 4 more sources. In this homework MLA8 format requires your citations to be in alphabetical order, by the first word in the citation. Research to find the most current source material possible. For each source, write a proper MLA8 citation and an annotation that: 1. Summarizes the central claim and major evidence of the source (1-2 sentences). 2. Assesses the credibility, relevance, timing, and bias of the source (1-2 sentences). 3. Reflects on the suitability, utility, or applicability of the source for your project (1 sentence) (If you have a difficult time answering this, you should find a new source). In this sources should include: • At least three (2) scholarly, peer-reviewed articles • At least two (1) contemporary periodicals (credible newspapers/websites). At least one (1) non-text-based source, such as a Ted Talk, YouTube video, Podcast, etc. This sources should be about Smartphone Impact on Family Life. I have another 6 sources which are done, I will provide it as word document.

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