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  1. Jot down on a piece of paper a description of an intense moment or feeling you have had.
  2. Use an idea web to free associate on that moment or idea.
  3. Look for a central image to use (a story to tell, a metaphor to expand, or a symbol to focus on).
  4. Think about the structure that best expresses what you want to say. (A controlled structure with a set rhythm or a rhyme scheme; or free verse where line breaks and stanza breaks provide the only structure; or a combination, perhaps).
  5. Keep the focus on the central image, and express what you have to say. Write more than you think you should. Keep going until you wear the image or the emotion out. Remember that your final poem should be 16-40 lines long.

Below is the link to the rubric for this assignment. You will see it says to make an audio recording of it as well, but I will do that. I just need the poem written and the descriptive paragraph of why I wrote this poem and why I structured it the way I did. All the audio stuff I will do myself.


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