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With a story about Queen Elizabeth I

Conflict – Both Mary queen of scots and Elizabeth 1 wanted to be the next queen. Mary queen of scots was a catholic as most people in England were but Elizabeth was not and many people did not like that and therefore supported Mary queen of scots.

Climax – Mary queen of Scots plotted to have Elizabeth I murdered.

Resolution – Mary Queen of scots was executed for her complicity in the plot to murder Elizabeth 1. All of England appreciated the welcome prosperity and stability Elizabeth’s reign had provided and Elizabeth took the throne as the queen of England.

Protagonist – Elizabeth I

Antagonist – Mary Queen of Scots

You can add any extra information that you need too. Research more about the topic to get a good feel for what you should write about in the story.

  • Your story must contain dialogue
  • You must carefully include all the elements of a short story: setting, point of view, plot, characterization and theme.
  • Use figurative language (metaphors, similes, allusions, personification, etc.) and specific words to describe character, setting, etc.
  • Be sure you describe your setting in detail. Use your research to make the reader see, hear, feel, and smell the place.
  • Use your research of the time period to lend the richness of societal life to your story. How did people make a living? What did they eat and how did they prepare their food? What was family life like? What did they do for entertainment?
  • Use your research about your famous person to make him/her really come ALIVE! What does she/he look like physically? What kind of clothes does she/he wear? How does he treat other people? What are his/her goals? What do others say about him/her? What does he/she think about the era in which he lives?
  • Include two photographs with your story. These can be either actual images of your character or something having to do with your character. If you have chosen an image that may be unclear to your reader, then include a short description of the image’s importance.

Your story should be no longer than 1000 words

These are some basic characteristics of the characters but you do not have to write it like this in your story – Elizabeth had very pale skin that people said glowed; she had an aquiline nose and reddish brown hair which was a lot like her father’s hair Henry VIII. She had golden brown eyes, thin eyebrows and thin lips. Mary Queens of Scots was almost 6 feet tall and very healthy. She had auburn hair, hazel eyes and a heart shaped face. She was pale skin and a long pointed nose.

If you have any other questions about the assignment, please ask.

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