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Writing paragraphs – Please read the attached article ( Reading Literature makes us smarter and nicer) and write at least 2 paragraphs in response to the article. Write response in a Word document.

I’m interested in your personal experience with literature – please think about a novel, poem, or play that taught you something about the world that has been both useful and true. Please engage your brain and your heart to consider how literature might have played a role in your development as a human being.

Read pomes (Barbie Doll, Woodchucks, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, Those Winter Sundays, The Tyger, The Ruined Maid, Mrs. Midas, and We Real Cool) then answer the all 9 listed questions on Word document-

1. What is the subject of the poem “Barbie Doll”?

2. What is the theme of “Barbie Doll”? (theme is a universal truth – broader point the poet is trying to make)

3. In the poem “Woodchucks”, why does the poet make an allusion to the holocaust when she is talking about killing woodchucks (groundhogs to us Pennsylvanians)?

4. In “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers”, who or what frightens Aunt Jennifer?

5. How does the father in “Those Winter Sundays” show affection for his family?

6. Compare and contrast the tiger and the lamb in “The Tyger”.

7. In “The Ruined Maid”, what does “ruined” mean?

8. What is your reaction to the poem “Mrs. Midas”?

9. Who’s cool in “We Real Cool”? (describe the speaker)

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