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Details attached. MLA format.

Also, answer these blog “self-assessment” questions separately.

  1. Identify your thesis statement. How can it be more clear and/or specific? If you don’t have a thesis, identify a common thread or idea between the two assigned readings and create one. Remember, a synthesis is not a compare & contrast essay.
  2. Do you offer an interesting introduction that introduces your thesis, as well as the articles you’re synthesizing? What elements of the introduction are particularly effective? Which need more work?
  3. Do you summarize the parts of the original articles that are directly related to their synthesis? If not, make note of which parts of the synthesis would benefit from such a summary. If so, make sure that the summary is objective when it needs to be and cited properly when necessary.
  4. How is the synthesis organized? Is the logic of the synthesis clear and easy to follow?
  5. Do you have an effective conclusion that does more than simply restate the main points of the synthesis? If so, explain what makes the conclusion particularly effective. If not, how could it improve?

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