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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion do you agree do you disagree with those 4 paragraphs one for each part and if you agree or disagree why or why not soc

1. The portrayal of ethnicities has changed over time in that there is much less stereotyping used when a member of another race besides white plays a role in a film. Commonly, in the shows and movies presented in the video, Native American’s are shown as “savages” and are portrayed in a light that is not representative of their present cultural status. There are movies that have recently been released that depict Native American culture similar to that as the time frame the movie is aimed at portraying. From what little TV I watch, I do not believe that this group is being shown in a negative light.
The media is becoming “homogenized” in a sense because there is always constant emphasis on not offending someone or another group. This has translated to very neutral programming to respect the interests of everyone. The media has become more diverse in the sense that all groups have a voice now. Whether it is a television channel that reflects individual interests or having an outlet for social expression on the news, these are all accounted for in today’s society
The theory of cultivation explains that the interpretation of media through the television shapes societies perception of what the world actually is. This can also been seen through social media influence. It is important to maintain reality and not overwhelming sensationalism through the media because it distorts the actual image of reality in our youths.
I believe that there has been, and will continue to be strides made in the portrayal in dominant and minority groups. It is my further belief that many of the leaps and bounds made in the portrayal of dominant and minority groups through television programming have already been made. It is societies job to maintain this and keep proper factual representation of these groups

2. Media is more sensitive to race and ethnicity today. Movies, commercials and shows are not as insulting as they were in the past. After the civil rights movement, demeaning and offense stereotypes were still all over the media in the 20th century. African- Americans, Asians, Latinos are not as insulting as in the past. It has become more diverse after 9/11 occurred. There are even more stereotypes with ethnicity than with race because of the bombing and terrorism. I feel that people are so comfortable now being stereotypical because they see others actions and statements and eventually it has turned into a casual way to speak and describe everyone. The media also doesn’t help with comedians making jokes about different races and ethnicities as well as funny television shows having a certain portrayal of races and ethnicities.

3. The first day of watching the local news. I live in a small-town area. My local news covers many other towns in the area. Since I live in a tri-state region the news will cover stories in small towns in all 3 states. There was only one story for the town closest to mine and it was gun shots fired and they had no suspects. Other stories in the news were two different child cases. Both accused were white women and they were shown in court. There was another story were an actual mug shot was shown and it was a white guy and again it had to deal with minor child. Many of these stories happen at least an hour away or more from where I live. On the second day of watching the local news I caught the mid-day report and the set up was completely different from the night time news I had watched the day before. The breaking news was the fact that the old steel mill property that had been shut down for many years had finally sold to a developer. Two locations of Chase bank are going to be shutting down in May, leaving only one left in this area. Again, another child crime was reported again a completely different person from the night before. I noticed that they never said whether any of the accused were any ethnicity just where they were from. They did show a high school football player signing papers to go to PITT to play for the panthers.

4. Channel two news, or

, and Channel thirteen news, or>, are two of the many local news providers that service the Houston area and surrounding counties from Harris County to Galveston County. These two providers were chosen based on them being the two news media outlets I check daily for updates on local crime, accident and traffic information, and updates on local politics and city operations. Another source I regularly use is the Galveston Daily News, however, it is a written and web-based news source without broadcasting capabilities. Both news providers seem to have diverse broadcasters and staff. For this discussion, I chose to watch fifteen or twenty minutes of the live morning broadcasts for Monday and Tuesday of this week, being 1/28/2017 and 1/30/2017. Both above-listed news outlets covered an incident that occurred at a Mobil gas station where a man was charged with assaulting a clerk who refused to turn on the gas pump. The clerk was unharmed and the attacker displayed a knife, threatening the clerk, who turned the knife on the attacker in defense. Both articles state the clerk would not be charged and the attacker was facing criminal charges for aggravated assault. Speaking from a law enforcement angle, I have written media briefs for my police administration for incidents like these. The media can only report what information is given by the police public information officer and both of these stories are reported with generic information and race was excluded entirely. Another example would be the current conflicting executive order regarding immigration and travelers from Muslim-majority countries and the past precedent of green card holders and international travel. Channel two news reported on the matter and covered a public meeting with Islamic community members and city officials. It was interesting that Channel thirteen did not cover the public meeting but rather chose to report on the protests at Bush IAH and Hobby airports against the same immigration order. The reporter for the Channel two news story was African American and the field reporter was Caucasian. During the public meeting at the Islamic center, the city officials were shown (a city council member, a police command staff representative) were African American. In contrast, the reporters (one male, one female) for the Channel thirteen story were both Caucasian. The field reporter for the Channel thirteen story was also Caucasian. Although the overall tone of both stories seemed in support of immigration, both news agencies seemed to remain neutral in their reporting and only provided current and relevant information. There did not seem to be any hidden statements by either news agency regarding either story. The majority of the comments attached to each article contained posts with racist and discriminatory tones. In both news stories used above as examples, there did not appear to be any bias related to the race of the individuals of focus in the stories. In the majority of local reports based on crimes, there is not a mention of race unless specified in the police media releases or interviews conducted at live scenes. Police will usually only release race if a suspect is still not in custody or if there is an arrest associated with the individual as that information is all available through the freedom of information act. It appeared both media outlets took a sympathetic stance to the immigration crisis and detained individuals at airports across the nation. Based on the limited amount of observation for this exercise, it would appear that the newscast of Channel two news is much more diverse than Channel thirteen. I understand the scope of this unit discussion was to find discrepancies in race and ethnical portrayal by the media, in addition to socioeconomic gaps in how the news is reported, but I did not observe any during this unit study. I would agree that more crime related news is reported in areas that are predominately minority based areas, but statistically, these areas are where the crime occurs most and thus is reported and covered. National news media outlets are very open with their affiliation to political parties and ideologies, but that is not the scope of this study and is not reflected in local media, in my opinion, or as I observed. Regarding the local news observed, I do not feel that any stereotypes were portrayed and the coverage was fair and based on facts provided by police and other vetted sources. The Galveston County Daily News, a paper, and online news outlet, is visibly progressive and liberal in their reporting and on occasion has printed editorials and blogs related to national events with very biased views and unfavorable to Caucasians, regardless of the facts and with a considerable spin to original stories. Look at any blog or comment thread and you can see editors having to backtrack on stories and possibly print redactions. I also do not believe that I observed any hierarchal examples during this study. I would say that the dress or appearance, ability to speak well, cleanliness, and other physical appearances are visible during newscasts in certain areas. Is it possible that newscasters seek better dressed and educated individuals of one race to interview and in another instance, seek individuals who have poor grammar and speak poorly? I absolutely think it happens. Although I think this is only due to the areas where the reporting is taking place, I would suspect it could place an image that all persons of one race or color are either poor, rich, well-spoken or not, based on how much television is watched. This was studied through media cultivation and I think fits just as well as movies or television. The vast majority of the coverage appeared to be related to overnight robberies, homicides, vehicular homicides, while also linking to national hot-button topics. Out of nine headlines for both news outlets, only three of the stories were related to weather, sports, or non-crime/ death related incidents. Although the crime based reporting did not “over-exaggerate” crime in a particular area, I do feel that all media highlights and uses crime to perpetuate a news story by making it more important than it may be. For example, news media may report on something as random as a family violence based assault and then add “cherry picked” crime statistics to toss into the article and suggest it is more prevalent in an area and try to link it to any number of secondary topics. Again, most local news outlets appear to shy away from this because the viewership is local and most facts are known and visible to surrounding residents. Spun news, or even fake news, is easier at a national level and is much more dangerous because individuals don’t know about a certain area where crime is being reported and will tend to make assumptions rather than do the research to vet an article. Personally, I feel the media is a major factor in race relations, good and bad, but unfortunately, it is where the majority of people go to get information and subsequently mold personal beliefs and sometimes, prejudice, based on poor sources.

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